About Us

Zebrasclub co-founder Math and Gab

Gabriel and Mathieu Poissant 

My brother and I have been officiating for 12 years now. We started when we had 14 and 15 years old. We always had a passion for the officiating world but also for entrepreneurship and technology.

After years of experience as a referee, we have been able to identify a serious problem: finding all our referee equipment is complicated! Not only discounted official gear were practically impossible to find but we also had to do several sports shops to finally find all the equipment we needed. 

That's why we created Zebrasclub.com in 2017. We strive to provide the best customer service for our community. Our mission is to give hockey officials an easy and affordable access to all the equipment they need, so that they can look good and be at their best on the ice.


Here are pictures of our Zebrasclub adventure  :


Zebrasclub basement in 2017

Turning our parents basement into our warehouse - Nov. 2018

Zebrasclub sweater inventory in my bedroom

 Zebrasclub sweater inventory in Gab's bedroom - Nov. 2018

Zebrasclub first business trip

Math and Gab going on their first business trip - March 2019

Zebrasclub stand with mom and dad

Zebrasclub stand with Mom and Dad - Oct. 2019

Gab take orders to the post office

Gab takes the orders to the Post Office - Nov. 2019

gab and math in the new warehouse

Gab and Math in the new warehouse - Oct 2020






Mtl inc. has helped us grow our business and we are proud to be a part of this entrepreneur's community.