What a new hockey referee NEEDS to know before purchasing their equipment

Here at Zebrasclub, we have been selling hockey referee gear for over 3 years now. We had the pleasure to talk with a lot of officials around the world. From NHL officials all the way to beginner officials and we noticed a BIG communication problem.

- What on earth do I need to start officiating !?

- What's this thing called a "Shin Tight"?

- What's this orange/red band around the referees arm? 

All questions we will FINALLY answer here.

First of all, you will need 6 pieces of equipment. From top to bottom, a helmet, a visor, a referee jersey, a whistle, a pair of referee pants and a pair of skates.

When you enter this beautiful world of officiating, you enter in the 3rd team on the ice. You need to wear the same uniform as your fellow colleagues. That is why a striped jersey and a black pair of pants are required.

For obvious reasons, the helmet, the visor, the whistle and the skates are a most.

Do I need more protections? Yes and No. Typically, new officials will start officiating lower categories. A good practice to improve your skating abilities, your rule knowledge and your positioning. But, shin protections, hips protections, leg protections and chest protections are not a most (the chances of you receiving a "slap shot" at 100m/h are very low).

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